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LAKHAPAT FORT- A Gost Town: Ones there was a fifty thousand people living in Lakhapat now only 200 people lives here , looks lika a gost town. Once Alexand the great, Chinese traveler Xiusan Tsang (632 A D) Guru nanak Devji and Aabdul Latif Bhits sojourn. In old days Lakhapat have a rice belt & also have a port which earing 1 lakh kori , as such Lakhapat name was given . This western most point was a big port until1820.Fateh Mohammad Notiar buit Lakhapat fort in 1790 to save kutch from Arab and Sindha rulers. In 1819 due to massive earthquake water recedes & salt marshal land appears. The 7 kms fort wall with 2 mtr width & 30 ft hight with five gates is though ruins but in good condition. The Lakhapat lost it's importance as a port . All economics activites and stopped.People abonded town & migrate to Zangibar & Tanganyika. Guru Nanak Devji stayed at Lakhapat while going to Mecca.Beautiful Gurudwra built with Langer facility.Pir Ghosh Mohammed Tomb buit in 1855. It is a tradional Islamic Octagonal dome structure with four entrances.The structure is exquisited carves eith floral and geometrical mofits."Refugee" films was shot here.Tourist can Stay at Gurudwra .We at Kutch Travels recomended to visit this fort for either groups on those tourist who are interested in historical monuments.

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