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Kutch is interested point for Palaeontologist who study fossils.Kutch have more varied landscape,ethnic variation,wealth and unique rocks of the barren hills, It was after the Great Triangulation survey by British administration in Kutch that they realized that unique fossils contents in the rocks of Kutch.Kutch was then accredited as famous fossil site in the world being small geological basin,where numerous species of invertebrates and vertebrates fossils are found in a limited geographical area . Most of the Jurassic,cretaceous and Tertiary fossils are have been identified by various research groups. Much of what we know of our planet's history comes from fossilized planets and animals,some of which may be 600 million years old or even older. Mr. Mohan Sinh Sodha who migrated from Sindha in 1971 war collected fossil from Kutch.He travels about twenty thousand kilometers in ten years in kutch to collect fossil. This park is 50ms from Bhuj, near Nakhatrana. Nearby Than Monastery which is famous for Nath sect and Kam-giri paining.

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