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Dholavira is a small village located near Rapar Taluka of Khadir Island. As a result of the year (1967) extensive excavations, Dholavira has emerged as a majour indus valley spread nearly 100 has (250 acers ) civilization . This 5000 year';s old city , remarkable for it';s exquisite town planing ,monumental ,structures ,aesthetic architecture and amazing water storage system.This 54 Acres,650Mts width & 2500Mts length world heritage site have Citadel, Middle & lower Town.The Castle stands in fair insulation and defended by double ramparts.Dholavira is flanked by two storm water channels.Mr. R.S. Bist, Jt. Dir.of Arch. survey of India who associated nearly ten years with excavation work said " One of the unique feature of Dholavira is its sophisticated water conversation system of advanced hydraulic engineering in third millennium.The site has a world oldest sign boards in unknown script.All the classical Harppan elements (BC 2000) such as a pottery ,seal lethic tools ,beads,stone & clay artical found in abundance piller & columns made out of locally available limestone. Dholavira was once an important commercial center and trade occurred with Sindh Punjabs and Middle East.The true reason why this town disappear is yet to know. But it may be possible that sea water enter in this town. Gujarat government built Guest house for tourist for night stay.Forest Resort is good place to stay .Nearly wood fossils park have a million old wood fossile which is worth to visit.Nearest rly. station a Samkhiyali (104 kms) on Ahemdabad- Gandhidham-Bhuj rly. Guids available with perior information.

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