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"MUD HUT locally known as a Bhunga made out of Mud is closed linked with the identity of Banni Area in Kutch".

Bhunga is an engineering marvelous The Mud floor space organized in different levels of plinths and slowly climb vertically up to structure. This sturdy structure has been withstand sever winds and seismic activity because of its circular design.

Bhunga elaborate design and artistic elegance have a light dome-shaped bamboo thatched roof and circular walls.The outer wall painted with Mud color motifs and caved wood lines inner walls with mirror.

The wonder of the Bhung is its interior cool when temperature rise to 45"C in summer and warm when it drops to 4"C in winter. Hodaka & Dhorado village have a lot of Mud Huts which are best place to stay when you will visit Kutch to see Rann Utsav.

Resort type Bhunga is costly (rs.3500) while home stay (rs.1200) type Bhung is cheap.Tent is best but very costly.

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